Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ryan Hendrix -- November 19, 2009

Ryan and Tommie. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

Ryan Hendrix of Colourmusic came on the show recently & gave us some insight to the new record in the works & the new direction they're taking with their sound (or colour...). When one of my friends first introduced me to Ryan, he said, "He's kind of a philosopher," and I have to agree. I've never been bored talking with him (but how could you be uninterested in a man wearing a cat sweatshirt and bright blue pants, ?)

Listen below for Ryan's thoughts on the growth of Oklahoma talent over the past few years, the outrageous prices of vending machine food & more.

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Colourmusic & The Uglysuit are playing together at The Opolis in Norman TONIGHT!
So what are you doing?
Run, children!
Join the magic...!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ali Harter -- November 12, 2009

Ali Harter recently came on the show after returning from a tour in France. She was feeling a little under the weather and not up to performing, so instead she made a pretty rad playlist of her personal lokl favs. We talked music, we talked French DJs, we talked tour experiences and everything great about Oklahoma music. We also played three new songs off of her soon-to-be released No Bees, No Honey. record, featuring over 12 Oklahoma artists and musicians.

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Ali's next show is at The Conservatory with Bobby Long and Colin Ingersol on December 7. She's got several other shows coming up in OKC, so check out for more info!

Eyes Made Ready - October 22, 2009

Eyes Made Ready, an alt rock band from OKC, was my guest on October 22. The guys came in the studio and played a few acoustic versions of their original songs, plus a surprise cover.

David Baxter, Brian Monds, Ryne Barber and Jason Daugherty of Eyes Made Ready. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

And yes, there was a mandolin involved.

Jason Daugherty and mandolin. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

We had some nostalgic recollections of the past, and talked about the future of this newer group, which just might include an order of Danger Shorts. Check out their interview and live performances below:

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For more info on EMR check out or

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Non, October 1

It was a regular old groovefest a couple of weeks ago when The Non came into the studio. We played several tracks off of their new record, Tadaima, which will be released in January 2010. We talked about many things, including Tadaima, the city of Non, Oklahoma, the stories behind some of their songs, pigeon fights, and local music.

We also talked about their big Resound show that is TODAY, October 15, at the Dean Motor Company building on the corner of Dean A. McGee and Shartel in OKC. The Non will be performing with an orchestra conducted by Carl Rath, a teacher at the OU school of music, and a player for the OKC Philharmonic.

This show's gonna be legit. I hope you got your tickets in advance, 'cause word on the official Resound website is that it's sooooold out.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Uglysuit -- September 24, 2009

My fourth guests of the semester were The Uglysuit. Here's what you should know about The Uglysuit:

1. They make beautifully happy music. It's like drinking a mango smoothie with your sunglasses on in a parking lot on a perfect day.

2. If you like resting on another level in your meantimes, take their music with you, and it will take you to a place where there is neither gravity nor evil.

3. You wanna know where the wild things are? Probably hiding in this band's hair.

Left to right: Israel Hindman, Kyle Mayfield, Colin Bray and Jonathan Martin of The Uglysuit. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

Here's the first part of the interview, featuring a live performance of their song Pen and Self.

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From front to back: Kyle Mayfield, Colin Bray, and Jonathan Martin of The Uglysuit. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

Here's the rest of the interview, which includes the guys talking about playing CMJ last year, and being invited again this year. They'll play the festival in NYC next week in the midst of touring.

Listen Now:

The next Uglysuit show in Oklahoma will be Halloween at the 51st Street Speakeasy in OKC.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ArtBeat September 17, 2009

On September 17 for the third show, I had my good friends Jeff Bayne and Nathaniel Atterberry from ArtBeat magazine on the show. ArtBeat is a regional magazine that is distributed for free around Oklahoma. They feature local artists, musicians and poets. They are really involved in the community and encourage anyone to submit their work or articles on local events and artists for publication. Check out their website,! The show got started about an hour late due to some systems failures in the studio, but once the station manager came in to fix the problems, we got the ball rolling on what the magazine is about, upcoming events, and why art matters.

Caveman Hair Jeff, and Nathaniel, talkin' art. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

Nathaniel checking out the latest issue of ArtBeat. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Theatre Breaks Loose Sept 10, 2009

Casey Heald and your headless host. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

For the second show of the Fall season, Theatre Breaks Loose returned with new member (and former Lokl Hour host!) Adam Croom. Zach couldn't make it to the show due to strep throat, and Brandon and Matt were a little late in arriving, but we had a good time. They talked about their West Coast tour adventures, answered fan questions and did an on-the-spot rockapella version of Jessica.

Brandon Lovelace (seated) and Matt Toney. Photo by Erich Kirwin.

The guys also just filmed for our TV program, The Set, this past weekend also. That should air on Cox channel 124 later this month. I'll keep you updated! Til then, check out the interview below!

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